2011 Sweathogs Racing Kits Jan 31, 2011


Fuzzy from Bicycle Revolutions hit me up last week, asking if I wanted to buy a Sweathogs kit. Duh. Of course I do! Especially since he named it after Tony, Drew, myself and others. What better way to fall into a pace line than to be the asshole wearing pink and black?

The full story is that Fuzzy let a local racing team in Philly take on the Sweathogs name. I only wish I had enough cash on me to spring for a skin suit for the track! Check out more details at Sweathogs Racing.

Sorry, these aren’t available for purchase!

  • aj austin

    its cool the Sweathog 3rd coast chapter is starting a drinking team

  • A couple of philly messengers have been putting in laps at T-Town this past season. They approached me about getting behind the team they wanted to put together and I was all for it. They kind of riminded me of myself 15+ years ago…
    As they were searching for their identitiy I pitched the Sweat Hogs idea, and it just fit. It is a rag tag bunch of sweaty dudes.
    Look for big things coming from this crew on the track, road, trails and alleys in a town near you this year!

  • Thenden

    this is almost a verbatim ripoff of the team pegasus kit.

  • No it’s not. The only similarity is the pink!!

  • jeff

    gonna be rocking these when i come out there for nacccs this year. and find some girls that like being choked with ya.

  • There are hundreds of pink and black jerseys out there man.

  • Thenden

    the similarity is the pink, and the black, and the wings. pegasus has been doing that kit for a few years, there’s a couple different ones. also, it’s funny how you always paint yourself as some pioneering individualist in your posts, and then when defending yourself in the comments you often resort to “everyone’s doing it, maaaan.”

  • First: The wings are Bike Revs logo – predates Team Pegasus
    Second: When it’s regarding something as moot as this, I will resort to “mannnnnn” banter. You’re reading into my M.O. too much homie. Loosen that belt! Mannnnnnnnn….

  • Jason

    LOL at prolls ~ Thenden check out the Fat Cyclist jersies. There using a horse, pink, black and grey. You should go bark up there tree.

    Maybe they were all just copying this-

  • What’s the name of the clothing brand that this is printed on? I see that logo everywhere but haven’t been able to find the name..

  • Champion Systems

  • Whisky

    Champ Systems. ‘For when you want to wear a plastic bag, but don’t have one.’. Total crap. Was the gang from ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ named after you guys as well?

  • LOLz

    “this is almost a verbatim ripoff of the team pegasus kit.”

    I love this… next time I see someone riding around Chicago with a Pegasus kit I’m going to yell “SWEATHOGS”!

  • jambox

    hey nerds, you mad. 215/512

  • jeff

    i knew we should have trademarked the color pink when we had the chance.

  • Wow, people Love To Hate. I thought that was only philly thing…