Wheels MFG Colored Universal Derailleur Hanger – UDH


Wheels MFG Colored Universal Derailleur Hanger – UDH

Thanks to all the small manufacturers who are making UDH hanger and we know how hard it is to keep up with the bike industry’s love of creating new standards. Wheels MFG just announced a new 404 UDH in a variety of colors that fits a broad array of bikes and they even made a Trek-specific UDH that requires a 30mm washer. Let’s check it out.

The new SRAM-compatible Universal Derailleur Hanger simplifies thousands of hanger designs into one universal standard. Machined completely out of aluminum, this new hanger is not only strong but designed to rotate backward and slip slightly in the case of an impact preventing chain jams and protecting the drive train. All Wheels Manufacturing replacement derailleur hangers are produced in our Colorado shop to exacting tolerances.

  • Compatible with bike frames designed to accept the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)
  • Compatible with all MTB and EMTB drivetrains
  • Machined aluminum body.
  • Thru Axle Thread Pitch M12x1.0
  • 8mm Hex
  • Separate Trek-specific 487 UDH APB is available here.

Check out more at Wheels MFG.