2011 SxSW Recon: Thrasher Magazine Death Match – The Body


2011 SxSW Recon: Thrasher Magazine Death Match – The Body


When I was trying to figure out how I’d review The Body‘s performance at the Thrasher Magazine Death Match here at SxSW, I remembered my review of All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood I wrote at the Mishka Bloglin in August of last year.

“It is my opinion that it takes unique individuals to create engaging music, regardless of the genre. While genres will influence the individuals, there is something within them that drives and motivates them to create something new and fresh. Countless examples exist and yet only few truly succeed at producing quality and original sounds. Lee Buford and Chip King make up the Body and no, that’s not an homage to the Judea-Christian belief of the body of Christ, more of an allusion. In fact, Buford and King are about as far from religious as you could get, citing influences ranging from Manson to Body Count.”

As a metal band, you want to express your personality on stage as much as you do on the album and The Body did just that today.

Check out more photos from the Thrasher Magazine Death Match performance of The Body below.




Their performance was one not to be missed and I gotta admit, I was a little bummed to see only a dozen people watching them. Mark my words, in a year or so, people will be packed up to the barricades to see The Body perform. Solid performance. Buy their album, All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood and their merch. Support these guys. They’re doing it right!

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