Burd Phillips: Fixed Gear Trackstand Backwards Hop Barspin Jul 23, 2010

One of the reasons why I love watching Burd‘s videos is the simple fact that he does what he loves to do. There’s no trend-chasing here and he’s loyal to the companies that have supported him and this sport from the beginning. In doing so, he creates some pretty interesting trackstand variations.

Very nice.

  • Dan

    isn’t that a truckdriver, not a barspin? he never lets go of the bars

  • RJCrouch

    that was really sick actually. Reppin’ Indiana

  • ben.samford

    burd keeps it real with the trackstand variations. nobody else does it like he does. I mean, really, who else can you even count in the tops that sticks with the stand-still????? MASTER.

  • tom

    two handed dunk bro!

  • Chris

    It’s called a busdriver.

    Truckdriver would mean he is barspinning and 360ing.

    -A Bmxer