Keep it 700c the Sun Ringlé MTX 33 Rim Give-Away May 19, 2010


After I pulled a mean April Fool’s joke on my readers, Sun Ringlé offered to set up a legit give-away. While it’s not a complete wheelset, it’ll get you rolling again. I’ve ridden a ton of rims and banged them up over time. While no 700c rim is bomb-proof, there are some that are tougher than the rest. Since getting on the MTX33’s back in February, I’ve had great luck with them. So much luck that I’ma keep riding them. Now you can too. Some people like 26″ fixed and others like 700c fixed. This contest is for the 700c army out there!

The name of the game is simple. Post photos of your trashed 700c freestyle wheels and a story behind them. The more detail the better and if you’ve got photos of cuts / bruises acquired through riding, that’ll help. We wanna see how people are riding and what they’re doing to destroy their wheels. The most compelling story and photos win a set of 36h Black Non-machined MTX 33’s from Sun Ringlé.

PLEASE, I’ll be away from my computer tomorrow, so tag your HTML code with the Width=500 tag. If you don’t do it, I won’t approve the comment. It’s an easy task, just take your time posting. You’ve got a week, so don’t fret!

  • No one wants these rims for free? Really?

  • A.

    i want them, but I have never messed up my rims :)
    good luck to the contestants

  • i have 2 sets of broken chukkers and would like to try something knuw so i post more later

  • Tyy

    yeah, same here. havent really had any banged up rims or know anyone that has, but id love to take em! haha…

  • Rhys

    The morning of April 1 , I quickly read that post, and didn’t catch on to the joke. I rode to my painting class, where I got stuck with the crotch shot of a particularly hairy male model.
    After painting for two hours, I badly needed to stop gazing at hairy balls and went to ride my bicycle for a refresher. I pedaled around the art school for about 5 minutes before I slammed into a grate and destroyed my front wheel. I remembered the post, cried about my wheel, and later realized that your “Giveaway” was an April Fools joke!

  • Tyy

    i stand corrected :P

  • gage romero

    both are un ridable

  • sebastian

    Tried to hop a stairset and didnt have enough speed and hit my back wheel on the last step. There was no fixing this wheel.

    Ive ruined three rims but this is the only one i have a pic of.

  • Skamp

    Hey, I want these rims too, but my work bikes got weinmann deep v’s on em which are pretty much bomb proof, my touring rides got mavic a319s on it which are also pretty much bomb proof and the only rims I’ve splintered are from polo which I tossed cuz they’re fuckin useless.

  • ian

    no one is posting the real damage! i want to see gore!

  • i went out to shoot some content photos for my rider profile on the all city website. tony from rideTyrant was showing me around some unfamiliar territory and mentioned this 8 stair, so i said lets go! the set was a traditional 8, the run-up was a quick hop set up. i hit it first try, somehow, with an opposite foot quick hop set up. fun and clean. i think my 4th run at them i waited just a little too long to bunny hop and ended up nose diving down the set on my brand new dropout. all i could see was a broken fork and broken front teeth so i slammed my weight over the back wheel. i came down with all of my body centered over the back wheel and BOOM. the rim and tube blew up at the same time. i wish the photos highlighted the destruction a little nicer. one spoke blew through the rim and into the tub and tire. i sheared 5 or 6 spokes completely in half. the seam totally separated, 3 or 4 spoke holes buckled, and i tore the rim nearly all the way through 2 holes from the valve. the beauty of the near crash was that i rode it out!

  • Russell

    C’mon peeps – Let’s see some blood!

  • Rhys

    kind of excited about the possibility of getting these… i’m on crutches and am on a bicycle fixing/cleaning/loving kick till i can get back on.
    any ideas for riding with a messed up foot? i’m thinking maybe i can push a cruiser with my heel in a few days. ):

  • this is my wheel, i trashed it when i was hitting up some dirt hills by a local high school and my wheel is trashed and the hub is stripped, so its completely unrideable. thanks for viewing my entry Prolls!

  • Michelle LaLonde

    I dont have pictures of my wheel but I promise it looks worse than my leg. I was working in downtown Orlando doing deliveries on my bicycle til a red Ford Focus thought Id look much better as a hood ornament. I was knocked out and woke up on the sidewalk with a compound fracture in my tibia and fibula, a fracture in my ankle and a dislocated elbow, amongst other injuries. I just ordered a Bruiser for when I’m on my feet again and these wheels would be perfect for it.

  • Chris Lum

    Perfect. I NEED new wheels, and have needed them for quite some time. These 3 rims are just from January this year. I have more at another house I cant get to in time. Deep V, cracked the rim and ruined some eyelets. Mavic A319, bent to shit learning G turns and spin tricks. Rhynolite, same story. I am running another A319 right now and it needs some TLC every hour of tricking or it rubs on frame. The shops here in Halfiax have asked me to stop riding, I won’t. Missing from the pics are 2 trashed Deep V’s that were taken by my insurance company when I got hit by a car which broke my ankle.

    Thanks for this contest, it gives me a chance to ride something that might last me more than a couple months.

  • tpearl

    Here’s my rear wheel after an unfortunate collision. Nothing special. I think the guy above me has me beat!

  • I got hit by a car too, except I only got a forehead gash, broken glasses, and some gnar road rash on my shoulders (don’t know why it’s on both shoulders…)

    I’d post my mobius strip looking wheel, but I live in the stone age and don’t know how…

  • Drew

    this isnt my wheel, it my friend dan getting hit by a car on my birthday. The pictures are from around 6 or 7 am when he escaped from the hospital with everything attached to him and showed up on my doorstep in just the gown, neckbrace, and I. V still in

  • I was being chased by a German Shepherd when a truck backed out of a driveway and struck me. I was knocked out and had cracked my helmet. When I was revived at the hospital, I was told that my bike was unrideable and that the wheel was bent. This was an understatement, the back wheel was folded like a taco. I was fortunate enough to have a brother who let me borrow his beach cruiser but I am still in need of a wheelset for my new fixie. I would really appreciate the MTX33’s. Thanks!