Mission Workshop: Grocery Run with the Vandal Apr 5, 2010

Grocery Run – Vandal Cargo Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Mission Workshop does it again with a promotional video showcasing the Vandal‘s cargo capacity. What better way to sell your bag than to show it in its intended use: carrying meat, potatoes and beer. Loving the new colorway too. Great job guys! I use mine everyday and it’s legit as hell.

Mission Workshop: 3rd Generation Vandal
Mission Workshop Vandal: Initial Reaction
Mission Workshop: Vandal Video

  • Gordon

    I love carrying a huge u-lock around with me and not using it!

    I think this video sold the bag to me.

  • kero

    love using these bags for groceries, however what do you guys do to keep your bread from getting squashed… a problem for me…

  • dag

    Three days ago, I was like “damn, it’d be sweet if they had a camo colorway for the Vandal.” I check the site, and sure enough.

    Should be arriving any day now. So stoked.

  • Lian

    What happened to that white webbing material that holds stuff in the center area, is that just totally gone? Damn that shit looked like it would be fun to touch.

  • It’s called U-Lock roulette and it’s all the rage in SF. You carry it around just in case you want to smash some cars windshield but you definitely don’t use for what it is intended for. There for you gamble every time you leave your bike with the camera crew that follows you around. Even crazier…if your on a bike and have a camera crew with you, nothing has to be paid for! I moving to SF!

  • Pantsy

    I’m not sure what the point of that was. Any large size backpack can hold all that with less folding and zippering. How long do you think the zipper on the main compartment is going to last?

  • Big Mike

    I’m just glad he didn’t buy PBR.. Tired of everyone on a fixed gear HAVING to drink PBR.

    and I deff feel Kero on that bread thing… I suppose we can clip it to the outside and let it flap in the wind on the way home.

    Or buy TORTILLAS!! No worrying about those getting smashed and you can do almost anything with them that you can do with bread… Sandwiches=Wraps, Hotdog=hotdog taquitos, Burgers=tacos, PBJ=????? well, maybe not everything.. just use a spoon for that.