TruTV ‘s Most Shocking: Don’t Steal Bikes Bro Mar 31, 2010

Gotta love the commentary! The Don’t Steal Bikes Bro crew made it to TruTV’s “Most Shocking” series tonight. Check out more information here.

NYC Thief Gets His

  • They added sound effects!

  • HAHA, man this is so good.

  • shyam

    guy’s like these don’t know when to put on tbe brakes…. brakes? these are fixed gear’s bitch!

  • CtotheR

    Awesome. nice karate kick to his lame ass.

  • john

    that added music made me sit at the edge of my seat!
    sound effects were $.

  • Love the cornball commentary!

  • Teh Bikezorz

    A bunch of dudes ganging up and kicking one dude’s ass is about as lame as one dude stealing another dude’s bike.

  • the bike in question was a road bike,bout $1800 cannondale,and not a fixed