Fixed Gear Leeds: LSF Cragg Vale Trailer Feb 23, 2010

Winter-rides with friends and mashing down hills. Any more information guys?

Fixed Gear Leeds

  • Full video coming in the next week or two.

    trailer part 2 on the blog

  • Santiago Belmont

    im not talking shit but.. why does every video that comes out there always at the beggining they focus on a power tower, and clouds, oh and these guys are out of shape :p

  • ha! I couldn’t really agree with your comment because I hadn’t noticed that about the start. It was in a pretty eerie place high up on the top of a mountain, felt a bit like ventoux with all the snow. I was trying to set the scene a bit. And yeh the guys prob aren’t at the pinnacle of their cycling fitness but we’re just having some fun aye. thanks for the feedback

  • Ricky Abrams

    Looking forward to seeing the full vid ! Maybe Leeds and Newcastle should have a pow-wow !! Hopefully ride leeds soon !