Bee Dec 18, 2009

Bee from kr!$+@1k? on Vimeo.

Fast and spinny. The double whatever-it’s called is ridiculous. Yo!Kohama Fixed is on top of their game. Oh and nice bike man!

Via kr!$+@1k?‘s Vimeo

  • kyle

    LA has been rockin that trick for years!

  • What’s it called then? And a year (if even) by my count. Got proof Flackosaurus? HUH!? haha (xoxo). Seriously, what do you LA-folk call the trick. I’ma start calling it a reach-around if no one steps forward to name it.


  • Codyjames

    My vote goes to calling it the reach around haha

    that dude has some smooth ass style though

  • this trick name is bee goma

    bee= his name

    goma=spin(japanese say)

  • Everyone I know has been calling the trick a fish and chips whip and I know that the name has already started to sink in with many people.

    That said, this is the first double I’ve seen landed, sick!

  • alex harjono

    double MEATSPIN!!

    thats what we’ve called it in the san jose area. haha

  • ryedooger

    Meatspin is used for way to many tricks. Seriously some one yells for me to do a meatspin and around here that means either a:

    180 bunnyhop
    or one of these fish and chips whips.

    But honestly the most reasonable name for this trick is a slider whip imo. Because honestly thats what it is