Gorgoroth: Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt Sep 30, 2009


Leave it to Infernus to fuck up the Gorgoroth name even more. Look man, I know you and Gaahl hate each other and you can’t back down from the band’s name, but seriously, this new album sucks. Sorry, not even Pest and Tomas Asklund can save this album.


  • Todd

    My Latin is a little rusty, but the album title is:

    “How much more power can satan get”


  • I think it means “Pure Norwegian Bullshit Music”

  • I just want to say thanks for saying what we have all been thinking….

  • zprot

    Did it leak? I only heard the one song on their myspace and yeah, it wasn’t that great

  • Nicolas

    Sorry, hipsters, but I disagree.. It’s one of their best..

  • Sorry record label worker, this album is garbage. There were 100’s of better BM albums this year and you can only rest on your laurels for so long.

  • Nicolas

    It’s all good, Prolly. I was only teasing. We all have opinions and it makes music more interesting.

  • ;-)

    Check out Zorn’s “Menschenfeind II – A.N.” – a GREAT examble of brutal BM done well and interesting.

    take care man!

  • Nicolas

    Hey no worries, I understand. After I typed that “hipster” comment I realized it was a dick move on my part. My apologies. :)

    I’ll check out Zorn for sure. Thanks man, take care!