2009 Red Hook Criterium


2009 Red Hook Criterium


The 2009 Red Hook Criterium is an unsanctioned race through a desolate post-industrial part of Brooklyn. Brakeless track bikes are mandatory for riders. The field will be a mix of semi-professional cyclists, bike messengers, and urban cyclists. The race consists of 16 three quarter-mile laps featuring several hairpin turns, a fast sprint through the parking lot of a chain retailer, a cobblestone stretch, and a sprint finish. Start time for the race is 11pm on Saturday night, and assuming a 2-minute lap time, will last roughly a half-hour. Bus and automobile traffic on the course, even if kept to a minimum, is a near-certainty.

The first person to cross the finish line at the completion of 16 laps will take home $300. The second place finisher will receive a $150 prize, and the third place finisher will pocket $50. Additionally, the first rider to complete the first and eighth laps will receive a prime, or prize, to be announced on race day.

Immediately following the race will be a house party where the podium presentation and distribution of prizes will take place.


March 28th, 2009, Registration at 9:00 pm, Race Start: 11:00 pm
Entry Fee: $10. Prizes: 1st place – $300 | 2nd place – $150 | 3rd place – $50
@ 65 Dikeman St & Richardson
Rules: Brakeless track bikes AND HELMET required

On Saturday, March 28 the 2009, the Red Hook Criterium will take place and will be be filmed as a competitive sporting event. The film will be produced by Kalim Armstrong (Orange Bikes Take Manhattan, Messenger) and John Hoppin, with assistance from Daniel Leeb (Cinecycle). The race organizer is David August Trimble, and the race director is Al Barouh.

Multiple HD cameras will be set up to film the race. At least one helmet cam will follow race action firsthand. Additionally, a surprise helmet cam shooter may be in town to cover the race. We will have a camera at the podium presentation immediately following the race. Live race commentary and analysis will be provided by John Hoppin and Michael Green (bikeblog NYC).

This project is made possible by the Bicycle Film Festival family, a festival showcaseing films featuring the bicycle in 39 cities annually. The Proud Sponsors of the Red Hook Criterium are the Coffee Den, Katherine’s Homemade Granola, Zafeiropoulou, Trimble Racing, Sam Trimble Design, Taki’s Express, and Roo Design.