Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro Dropper Lever Colors


Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro Dropper Lever Colors

Just announced today, Wolf Tooth now offers its ReMote Pro dropper levers ($69.95) with colored dropper levers, but more importantly, due to its Right to Repair ethos, you can update your existing ReMote Pro lever with colored paddles for only $19.95. Find out more here.

The Wolf Tooth ReMote pro offers multiple points of adjustment, allowing you to mount it in a number of different positions. With the ever-changing ergonomics of brake levers and people’s preferences running the gamut, the ReMote Pro can solve a lot of hand reach issues by offering 12mm of lateral adjustment. It also features a machined assembly for durability and ergonomics. Eight clamp options are available that are compatible with most MTB handlebars and can integrate with several brake clamps for a clean and tidy cockpit

Now, if you already bought a ReMote Pro and want to add some color to your cockpit, the new Wolf Tooth ReMote Pro paddles come in a variety of colors. And swapping them is a cinch.

Check out the full color array at Wolf Tooth.