Who We Are: Leo Furmansky


Who We Are: Leo Furmansky

This is well worth the watch. You might recognize a lot of the photos in this video. Here’s a background on Leo Furmansky of LAFotography:

“21-year-old Leo Furmansky lives in Austin and works at Fast Folks bike shop on the East Side. Originally from the Ukraine, Furmansky and his father moved here 10 years ago from Brooklyn. He started with BMX, but later moved on to fixed gears.

Through his interest in biking, Furmansky got into photography. He takes action shots of stunts but also loves street photography. “BMX and photography definitely got me out of trouble. It definitely helped me focus and do my own thing,” he says.

“The society’s great, the people are awesome” he says about Austin’s bike community. “There’s so many different kinds of people.” Most of Furmansky’s friends are bikers, and he often joins in on the social rides happening on any given night of the week in Austin.”

Solid Leo, really making a name for yourself!