We’ve Added Some New Products to the Web Shop


We’ve Added Some New Products to the Web Shop

We’ve been wanting to do a MTB jersey for a while but couldn’t find one that we liked in terms of the cut or material. Then we found Voler, or rather Voler found us. Using our Disruptive Coloration patterns, we made these dirt jerseys for men and women from our green or black pattern. They’re quick drying and wicking. The best part about this material is it’ll keep the sun off your arms in the summer and it’s lightweight enough to wear even in warmer months. The fit is less boxy, less baggy, more streamlined and less likely to flap in the wind or get snagged in your pack. If you like your jerseys bigger and baggier, we suggest ordering a size up. Note: getting our ENDO jerseys to match the Voler jerseys and vice versa was hard, while the tones are the same, the Voler jerseys came out a little lighter… They’re $75, with men’s and women’s sizes in each color, and in stock now.

We also re-upped some sizes in the Long Sleeve Winter Tee, added some Point Socks, sticker packs, and RUNE Stem Caps.

Head to our web shop to pick one up!