Well Used: DVS Milan Cadence Mids


Well Used: DVS Milan Cadence Mids


I’m a simple man with simple aesthetic requirements. If it’s black and nicely textured, I’m into it. When DVS announced their Milan Cadence Mids in waxed canvas, I creamed my shorts. They looked so nice; like a leather jacket. The day they were released I got a pair from DVS. These shoes didn’t leave my feet for many moons. From drunken stumblings to BMX riding and plenty of daily abuse, these shoes have held up great!

Check out some more photos and a few critiques below.


I’m a Nike person by default but since DVS has started the Milan Cadence line, I’ve swayed my interest. These are by far the nicest looking shoes DVS has ever made. The waxed canvas wears in nicely and is water resistant. I’ve put them through hell.


I love the aesthetic of this sneaker. If it were ALL BLACK, I’d love it even more. The purple lining is choice! See that embroidering and 3M accents? It’s not cheap to do and it’s not easy to do. Yet for $66.60, they hit a nice pricepoint (the $.60 is Ba’al Zəbûb’s cut).


My only complaint with the shoes is that they didn’t like any abrasion. I fell once working on 3-taps on a BMX and they ripped. Also, my toe clips have a bit of wear on the tops and that seemed to eat the waxed canvas alive like a starved zombie. Maybe some reinforcement on the toe box would take care of this? That being said, if you’re riding in a foot strap system, they’ll be fine.

As far as riding. They’re solid. Ankle support, low profile, awesome laces and are perfect for the winter. I am really pleased with these shoes and if they had more in my size in stock, I’d reup a pair for sure. Check this kicks out, you won’t be disappointed!