VIDEO: Cycling the World

MckenzieBarney‘s Cycling the World video is online, allowing viewers to watch the trailer for free or pay for early access, which you can do right here…

One woman embarks on a multi-year journey to see the world by bicycle. This is her story, cycling through five continents, 28 countries, and 29,000 kilometers by way of Africa, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia.

A voyage of both the outer and inner worlds, poetic narration is interwoven with stunning landscapes from around our planet and misadventures along the way: dodging a spear in Kenya, being stuck in a military coup in Sudan, narrowly escaping a wild African ambush in Botswana, crossing the Australian outback and the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia. Entirely and intentionally self-made by the adventurer from script to screen, Cycling The World is a raw and visceral account of what happens when you tackle a big, audacious goal that terrifies you.


Filmmaker’s Instagram: instagram.com/mckenziebarney
Filmmaker’s Website: mckenziebarneystudio.com

**Book Coming Soon**

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