How to Be Popular and Impress Women

I have been unfortunate enough to surround myself with a group of people who are fantastic rhetoricians, crafty wordsmiths who deploy their absurd logic with the impunity of conversational tyrants. Whats more the majority of these word sorcerers are so crafty in their discourse that when facts are checked and tallied their formulas pencil out. One of these special souls is Charlie Sponsel.

He runs the always hilarious TeamRobot.blogspot.com, essential reading for anyone who loves riding bikes and realizes that this is a love that doesn’t require a fanatics blind devotion. What I am trying to say is that Charlie loves to take the piss and he does a damn good job of it. But the fun doesn’t end there because Charlie is also almost as good on a bike as he is with a pen (figuratively of course his actual handwriting is like that of  blind chimpanzee).

The man can ride a bike downhill very fast. Does this lend credence to his screeds? I think so. Does that even matter? No of course not. It just nice to bear witness to those times when  Chaz steps out from behind the keyboard and links together some saucy bits of riding for the viewing public.  Check out his edit below and be sure to watch the part where he comes up super short in the skate park. Classic. Also the song is good.