Tuesday Teardown: Coffins/Hooded Menace – Split 7″


Tuesday Teardown: Coffins/Hooded Menace – Split 7″


God damn, I fucking love both of these bands. Coffins and Hooded Menace are absolutely destroying modern death metal. These two bands have single-handedly been on higher rotation for me than any other band in my catalog. That’s a lot coming from a fanboy of Electric Wizard! Absolutely nailing a throwback mix of doom and death metal, Hooded Menace’s latest full length Never Cross the Dead will land on top of my top 10 in 2010 and in 2008, Coffins’ Buried Dead introduced me to their sludging death metal sound.

Since then I’ve been scrounging up all that I can find from both bands and when Doomentia announced this Split 7″, I went for it. Splits are hit or miss. Especially in the modern digital age. People want more bang for their buck, not less and are often disappointed. That’s not the case now. This is a perfect vinyl album. The sounds that escape from the graves are caught in majestic distortion and the sounds echo through your headphones like a long-sealed tomb.

Hooded Menace’s contribution “The Haunted Ossuary” is one of their most solid performances. Mixing a slow and sedated sound overlaid with creepy death vocals. Coffins mixes it up with a strong d-beat intro and raspy growls their known for with “In Bloody Sewage”. Could you get anymore visceral? No. Bottom line is: worship these bands. I also want to note how fucking killer the sleeve and album art is! These bands can do no wrong. They are exactly what you need to get you through your dismal day. Crank it loud and awaken the dead!