Tuesday Teardown: Byfrost – Of Death


Tuesday Teardown: Byfrost – Of Death

“Of Death” off Of Death

Oh my fucking god. Ahhhhhhhh. Pardon my enthusiasm, let me turn this album off because I can’t even concentrate long enough to write this review. Byfrost‘s second full-length, Of Death kicks the fucking shit out of just about other thrash album of 2011. Remember back when you were a whipper snapper and you got your first intro to the Swedish tech death craze of the early 90’s? Think about At the Gates but blackened and with a much better production budget (and blast beats, oh god the blast beats!)

Rip open the top and chug down “May The Dead Rise”. This is what Immortal would sound like if they weren’t such huge fucking pussies. Gah! Chop their heads off. “Eye For An Eye” just hammers away for over 5 minutes. The blast beats arise out of the chasm and demons are let loose, ripping your soul to shreds as they dine on your finger tips. If you haven’t caught wind of how crisp and icy this album is by now, you’re an idiot. This shit is sharp. The band produced Of Death themselves with help from Enslaved’s producer, Herbrand Larsen. Usually high-production equals douchey show-boaters. Remember, I said this wasn’t Immortal. Byfrost is about as gnarly as you can get when it comes to blackened thrash. Their shit-kicking, FUCK YOU, attitude continues with “Buried Alive” where we’re bent over on madame guillotine herself and await execution.

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