Tuesday Teardown: Book of Black Earth – The Cold Testament


Tuesday Teardown: Book of Black Earth – The Cold Testament

“Weight of the World” off The Cold Testament

I was beginning to wonder about Book of Black Earth. Especially with frontman TJ Cowgill’s new found love for Satanic Folk and Actual Pain’s success as a clothing label. But we all know that metal is eternal and the newest album from Book of Black Earth, The Cold Testament is living proof. The band is back with its fast-paced and brutal approach to metal. It’s not exactly black, death or power metal and yet it speaks clearly to fans across all genres.

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“Antartica” off The Cold Testament

With religious overtones (LOL at the name of the album), BOBE delivers one ass-kicking, beer chugging, throw shit around, good time. If you’ve ever seen the band live, you know what I’m talking about. The powerhouse amps up with “Weight of the World”, and at a first glance, you might mistake it for some emotionally-charged, woe-as-me ballad. Trust me, it’s anything but that. Bestial blast-beats and TJ’s vocals rip open a can of kick ass and for over 5-minutes, we’re all sucked in!

Next up is “Cross Contamination”. At this point, we’re about 6-minutes into the album and I’m hooked like a bass on a lure. Trememlo picking and blast beats are only overpowered by the vocals. That’s always been my favorite part of BOBE’s performance: the brutal as fuck vocals! To keep it nice and frosty, “Antarctica” comes in with a percussion-heavy intro. Imagine if Baroness was even more pissed off and cold! That’s what I’m picturing anyway. This one’s a sing-along fest and is my favorite track on the album.

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