Tubolight Diamana Tire Inserts


Tubolight Diamana Tire Inserts

Tubolight claims to have designed a first of its kind, a tire insert based on the deformation that occurs during an impact on a tire. The result is the Diamana tire inserts (€ 99.90), available in SL, HD, and XHD applications for XC through downhill racing. Read on for more…

The Diamana SL 29er (97 grams), HD 29er (145 grams), and XHD (205 grams) 27.5”, (220 grams) 29er

Tubolight’s claims is that when a tire compresses from an impact, the casing has already rebounded to its original shape before the bike’s fork and shock have even begun to compress, causing poor traction, especially at high tire pressures. This process can be mitigated by lowering tire pressure but then tire and rim damage are more common.

They claim the Diamana inserts are the solution by removing the tire’s rebound thanks to the unique profile of these inserts. Thanks to the Venturi effect, the air is allowed to flow through the channels at an increased speed as these channels get smaller due to tire deformation.

Air gets trapped into the inner portion and takes much longer to get back to the outer one, leaving the entire impact moment with very low air at the impact location.

What do you think? Snake oil or science?

You can read more at Tubolight.