Trackosaurus Rex: Save Encino Velodrome!


Trackosaurus Rex: Save Encino Velodrome!


Tracko emailed me this horrible news:

“I am actually extremely upset to be sharing this news with you right now. Encino Velodrome is a non-profit organization which is run entirely by volunteers. Every volunteer works hard and puts so much heart into trying to keep the velodrome afloat. We don’t get paid (we’re volunteers), we’re in it for the love of the community. When crap like this happens it feels like a slap in the face.

For me, I’ve been working really hard to throw the Summer Race Series and raise some good prizes for the kids who race. Not only is it a bummer that some of those prizes were stolen, but repairing the door they busted will probably cost all the entry fee money we raised last Wednesday. I am sad. Thieves are assholes.”

Please, if you have info, send it over to Kyle!

Check out how you help out below.


“Trackosaurusrex and Golden Saddle Cyclery have teamed up with Zachary Taka Scott from Tokyo to Osaka fame and Cargo Collective to produce a Save The Track Bike shirt to help raise funds for the Encino Velodrome. And now after Encino’s recent break-in they could probably use these funds more than ever. These T-shirts will be available in both black and white bodies from XS to XXL. It will be first come first served at Encino Velodrome on the 10thn of August at the Golden Saddle G.P…Pretty psyched! “

Head over to Tracko for more info!