Tourbokolor de Pologne


Tourbokolor de Pologne

I can totally get down with this. Turbokolor is a small Polish streetwear company that just released a cycling collection. Here’s a little about the project:

We all know that bicycles are deeply rooted in urban culture. This is why we have decided to create a capsule collection in collaboration with our flagship store in Warsaw called Veteran Shop&Gallery. The collection is inspired by cycling and is called “Tourbokolor de Pologne” referring to „Tour de Pologne”, which is an almost 100 year old, road bicycle race.

The collection includes a t-shirt, v-neck shirt, jeans, messenger cap and windbreaker jacket. All pieces were created with functionality in mind and in consultation with active members of Warsaw’s cycling community.

Check out the frame and the rest of the press-release below!

To make this collaboration even more unique, there is a special surprise on the way. Very important figure in polish fixed gear community, Pawel Gromada, is building 100% custom track bike for us to complete the collection. The frame will be 100% custom build by him and painted in the color ways of the collaboration.
“Tourbokolor de Pologne” premiers at Veteran this Saturday, the 5th of June.

It is not our intention to promote the sales since the collection is limited and it will probably sell very well locally. We just want to send a message to the rest of the world that Poland is not a 3rd world country when it comes to cycling.

Looks pretty rad guys. I can’t wait to see the rest!