Tokyo Bike Shop: W-Base


Tokyo Bike Shop: W-Base

a quick tour of the shop!

After all the time I spent in W-base the last time I was in Tokyo you would have thought I would have taken enough pictures to make a bike shop review right? Well, I dropped the ball that time. Luckily I was back in Tokyo last weekend and was able to take some proper photos. Here it is, the Tokyo Bike Shop review of W-Base.

The details of the shop / click to enlarge

W-base is literally filled to the brim with vintage and modern BMX and fixed gear products. From Profile to Fit to Affinity to BMW, the shop is stocked with all the in-demand components and frames. This is one of the reasons why CNN GO rated them in the top 4 Tokyo bike shops!

Behind the scenes nostalgia / click to enlarge

People from all over visit the shop and bring them tokens of their appreciation. You can spend hours looking at all the tidbits previous visitors have left over time. Tags, charactictures, stickers, magazine clippings are just a few of the ways people share their love for the W-base crew.

Faces of W-base / click to enlarge

Some of the faces you’ll see at the shop. The guys have an extensive crew that reps all forms of bicycle riding. Combined with a very positive attitude, the guys and girls who reside at W-base on any given day will welcome you to Tokyo with open arms and fresh bikes.

Mishka NYC and W-Base out for dinner!

Next time you’re in Tokyo, head over to the shop and say hey! Here’s their contact information.

J-SIX BLDG 1F, Jingumae 6-23-11, Shibuya-ku.
tel 03 5485 3235, 11am-8pm
Closest station Meiji-Jingumae or Harajuku

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