Tokyo Bike Shop: Dreamworks


Tokyo Bike Shop: Dreamworks


Dreamworks is one of those shops that uses every square inch of its space to display vintage bike components.


Literally, it was probably only 200 square feet, if that. There was so much cycling component history behind glass and hung on the walls I thought I tripped and fell into the Smithsonian.


I’m a detail-oriented person. When I stepped foot inside the space, I was immediately immersed into the world of classic bike porn. I just realized I didn’t even take a picture of the storefront or the space itself because I was so distracted by all the stock!


It was also one of the few shops that had an extensive Campagnolo collection


Along with some beautifully machined drillium components.


This wall had all the Concors you could want.


Even a LV custom and the highly sought-after Concor Sprint with lumbar-support.


Bibendum was there too, guarding the Nitto bars!


So much NOS Campy goodness sitting in shelves. The interesting thing about the Japanese track components is their homage to the Campy and other Italian companies. The MKS pedals were right next to the Super Record pedals, showing you the precedents.


No shop in Japan would be complete without the small work area. Not many shops in the US would be building bikes like this, but in Japan, the process of bike building is a revered tradition. It almost looks like the owner here is preparing for prayer.


NJS Keirin frames being displayed.


Including this Reynolds 753 Uno!

Dreamworks is exactly that. A bicycle shop built around dreams. Make sure you check it out next time you’re in Tokyo!