The Winners of the Radavist Leatherman Giveaway!


The Winners of the Radavist Leatherman Giveaway!

Giveaways and contests like this are like turning this plane – the website – into a mirror. It opens the viscera to expose how people ride and recreate. All with a simple click! It shows and shares their passions and their communities. That’s the easy part. The hard part is picking winners! After lots of back and forth with a few judges, the two posts that everyone agreed on were these two photos!

Kawika‘s caption didn’t hurt either! “Fuck these half ass tied, fake food flys… but hey, selfie time, get my good side!” ~ Mr. Peacock Bass

Jose‘s group shot on a bikepacking trip around Real de Catorce showcases his community and the caption is so good!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo and had fun with it! We had a blast reading through the comments in the original post and checking out the hashtags!

We’ll be sending off a Leatherman Free to each winner.