The Revival Tour is No More


The Revival Tour is No More

I got an email from the guys at Skitch regarding the cancellation of the Revival tour. Read up below:

Due to many unforeseen circumstances we have had to make the difficult decision of canceling this months Revival tour. We would like to stress that this does not mean in any way that we are canceling the video. Production will still continue and it is still our goal to put out one of the best fixed gear dvd’s of all time.

Logistical issues with a few people who were scheduled to participate forced the cancelation of the tour. We felt that it would jeopardize the quality of the final product if we attempted the tour with so few people as well as committing to the originally slated July release date.

The release date will be pushed back but in its place we are hoping to release a precursor to the official Revival film, entitled The Revival Presents: Keep on Keepin’ On, which will feature west coast riders from both Vancouver and Seattle. The release date has not been set in stone for this short either but we are looking at late summer or early fall possibilities.

To anyone who was planning to come out and ride with us while we were in your city we apologize, we’ll just have to catch you next time. We would also like to thank everyone who has been supporting the Revival and watched the trailer; this video will be for all of you.

The Revival

Guys, if you wanna still roll though NYC sometime this summer, may I suggest coming for the Bicycle Film Festival?