The Artwork of Steve Nishimoto: Part 02 – Packaging


The Artwork of Steve Nishimoto: Part 02 – Packaging


Today I’m continuing my coverage of Steve Nishimoto, or Nish‘s artwork. Yesterday’s piece showcased his photography and today’s entry looks at some of the packaging that he’s done over the years, specifically for Chari & Co and Macaframa. It’s easy to look at a DVD or in this case, a coffee mug box and forget that someone designed every square inch of the space. Part of the beauty of composition is allowing the design to breathe and Steve executes that perfectly in the Chari mug box. A simple burnt logo in a wooden box is all you need here.

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The wooden box that these one-year commemorative mugs came had to be minimal, matching Chari & Co’s branding and ideology. These mugs celebrated Chari’s first year of business by giving each brand that helped them out a space on its ceramic face. Usually, putting logos all over something results in a noisy product but Nish found a way to create a field of texture in a cloud of chaos. You hardly notice the branding all over the mug.


The Chari logo is one that, at least in my opinion, really pushed the circle logo in the bicycle scene. Shortly after, everyone was dabbling in the design.


The Macaframa DVD is still one of my favorite packaging designs.


It’s filled with photos and again, very minimal branding.


The DVDs are presented in a clean and elegant manner.


And each of the rider’s bios are straight to the point.


Steve presents the information without cluttered noise.


And through the use of the grid and consistent colors, he delivers a clean and simple design that fits with the client’s needs.

Check back tomorrow for more of Steve’s work within the urban cycling community!

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