The Albion is Online for Free


The Albion is Online for Free

This is pretty rad. I may not be the biggest BMX’r but I can appreciate great photos and journalism. Here’s the scoop from the Albion:

“For the next nine weeks we shall be publishing a back issue online every Monday morning, starting today with The Albion Issue 1.

To view The Albion Issue 1 on a tablet or smartphone, you can download the 51mb PDF file here. [WiFi connection recommended].

To give precedence to our print publication and subscribers, all future issues of our UK and North American editions will be published online two months after their print release date. To all those who purchased an Issue 1 PDF download a full refund is available.

By publishing The Albion online for free we hope to expand our readership by reaching out to scenes further afield where the magazine is not readily available, so that we can now offer a free magazine to riders around the world.


The Albion”