The 2012 All City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike


The 2012 All City Space Horse Rugged Road Bike


Remember when I was giving Jeff at All-City shit for not putting rack or fender provisions on the Mr. Pink road bike? Well, the whole time his argument was that they were working on a rugged “light cargo” road bike. Not quite a touring bike and not quite a road bike, the Space Horse is a rugged road bike, complete with cantis, rack and fender provisions and plenty of room for a thicker tire.

Check out an exclusive look at the 2012 All-City Space Horse road bike below!




Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 9.11.15 AM.png


The Space Horse will come as a complete (in orange) or a frameset (in blue). The build shown here is not the complete bike spec, though the Tiagra group is correct.

The frameset is $550, the complete $1350 – both available in March.

Jeff describes the Space Horse as:

“It is intended to be a light fast road bike for carrying small loads. It is not a touring bike, it is fast as shit.”

Can’t wait to see it put to use! This bike wants to chomp on some gravel!