Cycling the World With McKenzie Barney Part 1


Cycling the World With McKenzie Barney Part 1

For McKenzie Barney, cycling the world was never about chasing a record, or even adhering to all of the Guinness Book of Records parameters to qualify for an “official” time. But after an introduction to bike touring in Vietnam and learning about the 18,000-mile goal post for a “Cycle the World” completion, she was intrigued. For the next few years she planned, scrimped and saved between trips while pursuing her own Cycling the World project. Earlier this year, she completed the project after having ridden 18,000 miles, in 28 countries, and on five continents. Read on for Part 1 of her journey download, where she writes about moving from thru hiking to bike touring, gaining solo experience in Europe, and then putting it to the test on a ride from Cairo to Cape Town with her partner James. Plus, don’t miss the trailer to her upcoming self-documented, self-edited film!


Velo Vietnam

Here’s a video for your Friday afternoon…

“Velo Vietnam is a film about four friends Tim Lages, Tom Gurney, Sam Blanchard and Jack Davies, who cycled 650 miles down the coast of Vietnam. The short film documents the highs and the sweaty,sweaty lows of a whirlwind adventure in one of the most incredible countries on this planet.

Jack Davies, the Director, is the co-founder of Friction Collective. A Bristol based Media Production Company who together create meaningful and powerful media content. Follow the link below to find out more about Friction Collective and upcoming events, including film screenings.”

Discover more at Velo Vietnam.