Emblems and Cycling


Emblems and Cycling

As a cyclist, I like to have inspirational symbols on my legs. A few years back, I had the Philosopher’s Stone tattooed on my right calf; an ancient symbol representing vitality, youth and the active elixir in the alchemist formula. On my left thigh, a hawk carrying a dead rabbit, symbolizing a predatory fight. Yesterday, I got one of my favorite Emblems from Lucas Jennis’ manuscript, De Lapide Philosophico, 1625 tattoed on my right knee. It’s a lesser-known version of Ouroboros, symbolizing the life cycle and unifying of polarities. The original Emblem had a lot going on, so we simplified the design, making it wrap around my knee.

The work was done by Megan Cates, the wife of a riding buddy of mine here in Austin. She works at Bijou Studio on 6th street. Check her out if you’re in town and need work done. Her linework is impeccable! I’m just glad I have another face to keep me company on rides…