Norway’s Det Store Eventyret


Norway’s Det Store Eventyret

Photos and words by Sami Sauri

Det Store Eventyret” is not like most events where more or less you know what you are getting into. The participants had no clue in advance of where they will be cycling to, on what kind of surface as well as where they will be spending the night! All they were promised in advance was awesome riding, food by the one and only Velochef Henrik Orre and a bed under a roof to spend the night. The organizers aim to surprise and excite the participants and judging by the mood before the start, it is apparent that everyone is eager to find out what the fuss is about!



The Col Collective takes on Trollstigen, one of Norway’s most scenic and challenging road climbs.


Mission Workshop Escapes to the North

With the northeast succumbing to Mother Nature’s frozen fingers this week, SF-based Mission Workshop drops this reminder on us, showcasing the beauty of the Norwegian coastline. Remember, no matter how cold it is where you are right now, there’s always somewhere colder!

“At the earliest sign of winter’s end, brothers Janne and Samu Amunét ventured towards the Arctic Circle. Constant travelers, they were eager to leave their home in Helsinki and explore the recently thawed Lofoten archipelago on the northern coast of Norway for their first road trip of the year. The twenty-four hour drive would take them through parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway still solidly frozen. However upon arriving on the coast the weather tempered. Usually a destination for summer trips, the idyllic village of Å was empty and quiet in a way only remote places can be.”

See some amazing photos and more of this story at Mission Workshop!


Capital Forest

Oslo, Norway may be home to some 600,000 people, yet I’d guess over half of them aren’t aware of what’s happening in the woods outside of town. That and this video also looks rad with a little bit of blast beats…