Los Angeles Bicycle Academy Launches an Initiative to Expand its Youth Outreach Work

Los Angeles Bicycle Academy (LABA) is an organization that believes the sport of cycling can change the trajectory of young peoples’ lives. Today we are launching a funding initiative with the goal of raising $300,000, in order to further develop our program to help underserved youth (ages 8-18) develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. Check out the full initiative below!

Looking Forward for the Youth: The LA Bike Academy


Looking Forward for the Youth: The LA Bike Academy

Today’s Reportage shines a light on a movement that has been a ray of light in this tumultuous year. The LA Bike Academy is getting the youth of the greater Los Angeles area stoked on bikes, using our favorite two-wheeled transport as a vessel for learning real-life skills. We’re pleased beyond words to share the work of Alonso Tal (photos) and Michael Cedeño (video) today with you and to use this post to announce LABA’s partnership with Easton Cycling for 2021…