The Lauf True Grit Carbon All Road

I’d like to think we’re on top of all things “all road” over here, but clearly we miss things from time to time. The other day, I was talking to someone about Lauf’s designs and they mentioned the new True Grit carbon all road frameset. My interest was piqued because I find Lauf’s designs intriguing in that everything they’ve designed over the years has been truly innovative in a largely copycat world. See more at Lauf.

2017 NAHBS: Proudfoot Cycles All Road with Lauf Grit Fork


2017 NAHBS: Proudfoot Cycles All Road with Lauf Grit Fork

This bike is proof that if you take a clean, straight-forward all road or ‘cross bike and put a Lauf Grit on it, you’ll turn heads. That’s what I did anyway as I walked the aisles at NAHBS this year. Don’t get me wrong, the Lauf didn’t make or break this bike. I really like what Proudfoot is doing. Their frames are all $1,750 and are made by hand in Golden, Colorado. You could say they’re void of ostentation, and rely on precision construction and welding to promote their products. The result are mountain and all road bikes, available in a handful of colors.

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