Beautiful Builds: Necronomicog Battles the Moots Womble – Titanium is Immortal

Deep in the mountains of Norway, Titania Assault from the black metal band Necronomicog perfected the art of forging titanium under the watchful eyes of the Monks of True Metal. For decades he learned to craft the world’s finest titanium, eventually earning the title of “Master of Metal.”

As the ancient scriptures prophesied, an adversary would rise in the Rocky Mountains of the United States who would usurp this title, forcing Titania Assault to meet his mantle in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. That day came when the Steamboat Springs-based framebuilders, Moots, dubbed themselves the “Masters of Metal” and released the Womble 29er hardtail to the world. Balance needed to be restored, and the stage was set…

Watch as Titania Assault goes head to head with the Moots Womble in a battle for the title of “Master of Metal.”

Video by Justin Balog, Music by Gauntlet Ring – “Upon the Wings of the Black Eagle”


Beautiful Builds with John and His Rad Rod Firefly

The second video in our Beautiful Builds series showcases John Watson, the founder of The Radavist’s “Rad Rod” Firefly gravel/all-road bike. Back in 2014, he commissioned Firefly to make him a “gravel” bike before there were gravel bikes. This bike has a road geometry with ‘cross bike clearances and cable routing.

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Music: Bongripper – Endless


Beautiful Builds: Retrotec Funduro

Beautiful Builds. Like Beautiful Bicycles but in video! For our first video in this series, John goes over his Retrotec Funduro with videographer Justin Balog in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. Check the video out above and be sure to like and subscribe to The Radavist’s YouTube, where we’ll be hosting our videos from here on out…

Many thanks to the Fat Tire Society for maintaining these wonderful trails and to our creative director Cari Carmean for the kick-ass Beautiful Builds type treatment!

Music: Electric Wizard “Dunwich”