Bumps in the Road: From the Himalayas to Istanbul


Bumps in the Road: From the Himalayas to Istanbul

Not everything goes how you imagine it will when you set out on a trip across the world. In my experience, the majority of the time it doesn’t. It was around three years ago, in February 2020, I was packing up some things in Kathmandu to hit the pause button on endlessly riding and head home for a couple of months to visit family after a long series of tours through southern Patagonia and Asia. I’d booked a round trip flight and left my trusty Tumbleweed Prospector behind in Nepal, with my plans set to return to the Himalayas in April of 2020 to make a route through India and the rugged peaks of Pakistan… But, as we all know, plans changed.

A couple of years later, as Nepal began loosening up its restrictions on tourism, I started eyeing my return to the Himalayas, to finally retrieve my bike and follow through with the riding plans I’d set into motion years before…


Outskirts: the Shadow of the East Movie

Brothers Gus and Lach got the band back together for a ride from Albania to Istanbul in their latest project entitled the Shadow of the East. In typical Outskirts fashion, this journey was as strange as you would expect in all the ways you wouldn’t. Sit back and enjoy! Check out photos from the ride at their Spark page.