fStop’s New Dyota 20 Camera Pack

While it’s not designed for cycling perse, most camera packs are not anyway. What makes them cycling-friendly is a low-profile that hugs your back, with ideal weight distribution, and plenty of space for extra accessories you might need while riding. There are a few classes of photo packs that are ideal for cycling. On one hand, you’ve got heavy-duty mountain bike bags, with lumbar straps, hydration bladder pouches, and other details that make them ideal for backcountry riding. Yet, on the other hand, inner-city rides and commuting to an office or a shoot has different demands. Some might argue, it’s easier to design a city photo bag, yet I’d argue city packs often leave out key elements.

Having used many fStop camera bags, the Dyota 20’s recent release really stood out to me. This compact bag has all the clean lines you’d expect from fStop and more: Resilient fabric, welded seams, metal hardware, and cargo straps. The Dyota 20 can carry a couple of cameras and lenses, a tablet, a laptop, with plenty of room for the other essentials. For the days when you are not taking a photo, removing the Internal Camera Unit is fast and simple with fStop’s Intelligent Magnetic integration.

Head to fStop to see more on the Dyota 20.