Philly Bike Expo: Beardman Bicycles 26″ Rigid Tourer


Philly Bike Expo: Beardman Bicycles 26″ Rigid Tourer

With clearance for a 26″ x 3″ tire and a bright, rambunctious color combination, this Beardman Bicycles was a real attention grabber at the Philly Bike Expo. The bright colors normally could distract from the details of a bike but it’s impossible to glance over some of the unique features. For example, it has a front and rear rack, with removable rails, in case you’ve gotta bring a big ol’ pizza pie back home.

The theme of this year’s Beardman was spooky, with a skeleton losing its hand to the King Cage Many Things cargo cage and a RIP grave marker on the front rack, precisely cut by Derek at Kannaly Metal Works. Beardman makes custom racks, which pair nicely with their segmented forks and precision welded frames.

Did we mention this beaut’s for sale? Holler at Beardman for the scoop! It’d look so good covered in your home dirt.