T-S-1 Me and My Bike


T-S-1 Me and My Bike

Wow. Speechless. The T-S-1 Kidz are from Nairobi. To raise awareness of co2, they made a song about riding their bikes around their city. Check it out as Ojuki and MaryX rap about a better world through cycling and Ester sings the chorus. Lyrics are below.

I’m going green
I’m keeping it clean
No more getting lost
In the traffic and the car exhaust
I can get from one place to the next
All I have to do is get on my BMX
It’s good for my health, because i get to exercise
Doesn’t need gas, just my feet and my eyes
It takes less space in parking, I recommend
A good bike to all my and friends
Don’t need to spend a lot of cash for maintainance
Good for every one even the rich and famous
It Doesn’t make noise or disturb the peace
It doesn’t need insurance or licence fees
And petrol prices don’t bother me
I just pump the tyres and it’s all for free
I like how it feels
When I step on the pedals and turn the wheels
Moving from street to street, sometimes, city to city
I’m saving energy, my bike doesn’t use electricty
It takes me where I need to go, fast or slow
Good brakes, so I’m always in control
In my honest opinion
It’s very convinient
In many ways
They’d be less polutions if more people used bikes everyday
It doesn’t produce carbon dioxide
I’m glad I have one, plus it’s also a lot fun to ride


It’s just me and my bike for a better world
Going through the cycle of life
Everything is allright
I can go left or go right
But I can never go wrong with my bike
I just need my bike for a better world