Svart Katt 2010 Alleycat


Svart Katt 2010 Alleycat

Kristian from Sweden shot me over this video showcasing the 2010 Svart Katt. Even though Göteborg is known for its shitty death metal, the organizers took this race in a Norwegian direction with corpse paint and blast beats:

“On the 6th of November it’s once again time for Svart Katt – one of the biggest annual events in the Swedish alternative bicycle scene. Last year nearly 70 participants rode between cemeteries, memorial places and tombs around Gothenburg in the darkest of night. This made Svart Katt the biggest alleycat ever in Swedish bicycle history.

We didn’t dare to think that it could be such a big influx for riding a bike around the darkest of Gothenburg on a cold November night. The Start was filled to the rim with black-dressed people wearing corpsepaint, masks and death like outfits & as the speakers was blasting black metal, the atmosphere was absolutely indescribable.”

Blast Embrace of Thorns (real deal black metal) and fucking destroy!