Dudes of Hazard: Stop Pokin the Monster

The Dudes of Hazard series is SO VERY GOOD.  The low-fi cinematography and cinéma vérité vibes do right by  the best sense of mountain biking. Hey, everyone is entitled to their thing, and this is by no means a denunciation, but their choice to eschew the much used trend to slow-mo/drone shot/jump cut the living daylights out 400 yards of trail, and just document their riding and character is engaging AF.  The Dudes do jokes, The Dudes go on adventures, The Dudes dirtbag it, and The Dudes can ride the stuffing out of their mountain bikes. Just look at Joe Barnes, he turns every corner into a horror film, slash slash slash. There is so much more to say on their brilliance, but thats for another time. For now look up and enjoy the show.