Stanisław Płoski’s Bonobo Boo Bike


Stanisław Płoski’s Bonobo Boo Bike


Concept bikes never really hit the marker in my opinion. They’re usually struggling to claim some form of individuality by getting hung up on aesthetics. It’s the classic form over function conundrum found in most post-modern design. And while that might be the case here, I’ve gotta hand it to this guy for making one of the most ridiculous looking bikes from a sustainable product like booboard. Stanisław Płoski is a 24 year old Polish design student who studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the National College of Arts and Design in Dublin, Ireland.

By using CNC-milled aluminum joints, he then took what I am assuming to be vac-formed bamboo plywood and created a hybrid bike, complete with disk brakes and all. Don’t fret, this bike will barspin. Check out more at Cycle EXIF.