Radar 028

I’ve said before that I really don’t like concept bikes. Usually, too much time is spent obsessing about form and personally, I could care less about some swoopy monocoque construction. This I can get behind though; The SSON.ORG 028. For a little background on the project, there’s this paragraph on their website:

The bike we wanted to create was a functional and timeless Fixedgear/Singlespeed bike. A bicycle and friend to live and grow with for a long time. To make sure that every aspect of bicycles and life were given the uttermost attention we contacted Erik & Erik (EE) to participate in the project

Not convinced? Well, I elaborate more below.

In all honesty, I’m not as interested in the bike as much as I am in the case and the design process that led up to the traveling case. After traveling with my Bruiser to Tokyo, NC and MKE, I’ve found that a big, cumbersome bike box is a pain in the ass. Last week, Tom had the Bike Wrap by Jooks with him. It’s simple and fits his bike fine. It also folds up for easy storage (another necessity when you’re staying on someone’s couch).

I know it’s a little off-subject, but the SSON.ORG design process reminded me of the Bike Wrap. Start with a simple idea, get some cardboard and after some PR&D, you’ve got a product. Now, is this box meant to travel on your back like this process sketch implies? Sure does look like it.

Read more about the 028 project here, on the SSON.ORG blog.

Thanks for the email Erik! Keep us posted!