Soma’s New Gaping Gator Dirt Drop Handlebars


Soma’s New Gaping Gator Dirt Drop Handlebars


Never underestimate the benefits of a wide, flared-out dirt drop. Especially for off-road riding. While 655mm might sound like a MTB bar width, all that leverage in a shallow drop can add just the right amount of control to your MTB, cross or all-road bike.

Soma’s new Gator Bar looks like a beast! Check out more at the Soma blog and see the specs below.

– 6061 butted aluminum
– Width: 655mm at ends, center-to-center
– Width: 505mm at front of drops, center-to-center
– Width of flats on top: 340mm
– Center: 31.8mm
– Compatible with 22.2mm clamping accessories
– Drops flare out at 20° angle
– Weight: 400g
– No cable grooves
– Shotpeen finish
– Black or silver