Skyway vs. Shift House


Skyway vs. Shift House


A Minneapolis-based architecture firm City Desk Studio just put a Skyway up for sale on Craigslist. Via Curbed Via


Looking at this prefabricated beast reminds me a lot of my Thesis project completed back in 2004. It wasn’t based on the idea of a private get-away as much as it was geared for a solution to Hurricane and Disaster-relief; specifically Hurricane Isabel-damaged Cape Hatteras. Remember, this was before Katrina and prior to the prefabricated design movement we have today.

My premise was that as long as we are inhabiting barrier islands in a permanent way, there will always be billions in property damage due to shifting tides and erosion. Not to mention Hurricane damage. In order to properly inhabit an island, we need a domicile that shifts with the context.


The Shift House’s intent was to “lightly occupy” a coastal region based on a prefabricated infrastructural framework.

There’s more to it than that, but its basically the premise. Seeing massive, transportable architecture really blows me away!