Sklar Rounds out the SuperSomething Chassis with Ti Seatposts and a Stem


Sklar Rounds out the SuperSomething Chassis with Ti Seatposts and a Stem

The SuperSomething is Sklar Bikes’ first made-in-Taiwan production frame and at the 2023 MADE Bike Show, Adam unveiled his new Sklar Titanium seatpost and Super Stem Thing, a randonneuring-inspired stem with a four-bolt removable faceplate. Let’s take a first look at these two pieces of crucial kit below.

Sklar Titanium Seatpost $289

If you’re looking for some flex on your rear end or perhaps don’t like the look of suspension posts, titanium is your best bet. The material can be engineered to flex and be more forgiving than aluminum or carbon posts. It absorbs vibrations and at the end of a long day, you’ll be amazed at how good yer booty feels.

This post is 27.2mm in diameter with 0mm of setback and comes at 300mm long weighing in at 248 grams. A perfect match for the SuperSomething frameset.

Sklar Super Stem Thing Gravel Stem $188

Matching the paint of both the Ocean Blue (pictured) and Honey Dijon Super Something frames, as well as a polished chrome finish, the Super Stem Thing is a randonneuring-inspired stem with built in spacers and a four-bolt faceplate. Asymmetric steerer tube clamp bolts keep it in place.

These stems are 75mm tall with a 31.8mm bar clamp and a -7º angle for that level, balanced look.The stems are fillet brazed chomoly steel with a removable faceplate and available in 50mm, 70mm or 90mm length.

Both products will be available shortly from Sklar Bikes, so be sure you’re signed up on their email list to be notified!