Silca’s Fun EOLO III CO2 Chuck


Silca’s Fun EOLO III CO2 Chuck


While a $400 floor pump is more than likely out of your budget, Silca’s $47.50 EOLO III co2 chuck probably lands within your holiday shopping budget. The EOLO III regulator chuck is made in the USA and has three rubber insulator rings ensure damp fingers don’t get stuck while zapping your tubeless tires back to pressure. These rings can be swapped out, using Silca’s $6 pack of multi colored options.

As far as the chuck itself is concerned, it’s damn easy to use and nicely machined.

My only complaint, there are no black insulating rings and while I still think Co2 canisters are extremely wasteful for everyday use, they’re still a necessity for tubeless tires. Overall, the EOLO III is a fun, simple, product that’s easy to use and customizable. Most importantly to me, it’s made in the USA.

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