Shop Visit: DZR Warehouse


Shop Visit: DZR Warehouse


One of the more secluded shops I got to visit while I was in SF was the DZR warehouse. Located around the corner from the famous 111 Minna spot, the space is iconic, well-lit and has a ton of potential if DZR ever decides to open up a retail spot or showroom (hint hint).

Check out more photos from my Shop Visit to the DZR Warehouse below!


How can a warehouse be iconic? Well, this large cross-bracing lining the facade has a lot of character.


Or how about this massive solid-core sliding door?


Behind this space is the warehouse, where all the US-distributed sneakers are held.


Each order is boxed and shipped from this stock.


I’m sure it gets tedious at times, but it’s a one-man show.


The Concubine slip-ons are flying off the stock shelves.


And it’s easy to see why: minimal, comfortable and SPD compatible. I originally went to the space to see my Viking SPD sneakers but since they weren’t in yet, I spent some time shooting photos instead. Hopefully, this space will be open to the public one day because it’s too nice to be kept behind closed doors!