Rouleur Issue 21 and Photo Annual


Rouleur Issue 21 and Photo Annual


Rouleur is one of the finest cycling publications, next to COG magazine and Embrocation of course (they paid me to say that Tracko). Come the end of the year, the guys at Rouleur put out a photo annual, filled with the best photos from their past issues. This Photo Annual is part of Embrocation’s Gift Buying Guide but I always wanted to remind you of Issue 21 which has an article on Keirin racing:


“Rouleur Editor Guy Andrews lays his shirt on the Grand Prix Final at the Tachikawa Velodrome in his second installment of the fascinating – and wealthy – world of Japanese keirin racing. Taz Darling’s photographs are winners. Guy lost everything…”


It looks amazing! Grab both Issue 21 and the Photo Annual here at Rouleur.